Hello I’m Jewana

A Spiritual Holistic Intuitive Teacher, the (SHIT), Entrepreneur, Speaker and all around COOL GIRL!

I am on a mission to revolutionize health care by bringing it back to self care.

As the Dalai Lama said, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

I went from living in pain, physically, mentally and financially, to living a life of freedom!
What makes me Happier, Healthier and Wealthier?
I am here to tell you this is a inside job. If you feel like most
“every time I take a step forward I get pushed two steps backward”
I am living proof you can be free from that suffering!

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I started off as the “good girl” doing all the “right” things…

I went to church, got good grades in school, got a good job working for the MTA LIRR (just like my mom), got married, got the house, had 2 wonderful children.
Everything should have been picture perfect … but underneath I was silently suffering living a life of quiet desperation.

And, my body showed it and spoke it…but I didn’t know what it was trying to tell me.
It spoke to me in terms of a constant struggle of weight gain, torn muscles and ligaments, persistent sinus infections, headaches and ongoing aches and pains as if I was 90 years old — and I was only in my thirties.

What do you do to make you happy?

My wake up call happened on a Monday morning when my co-workers were sharing about their weekend festivities and I was asked Jewana, what do you do to make you happy?

So I began asking, “What does make me happy?”
The first answer I got was … to feel better in my body. And like “magic” I started seeing advertisements and TV shows talking about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, so I followed the signs and immediately enrolled.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

My passion for living my best life is what began my spiritual journey.

I have been ordained as a teacher, with a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and now a Minister with Universal Life Church. On My Path to sharpen my spiritual gifts I Graduated from Dr. Lauren Cielo teacher training program from Golden Rose Psychic Services. To begin the healing of my own body I became a Holistic Health Coach, Acquired an Associates degree as a Licensed Massage Therapist and currently acquiring my masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

I Believe We Are…

All Light beings that are designed to be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.

Our bodies are conduits of energy, which is affected by our thoughts.

You are constantly guided by a higher, super natural power,
designed to help you once you decide to start helping yourself.


If I Have The Courage To Choose Me and Create an Impact, Anyone Can.

We all experience pain, some form of trauma! 
I have had the loss of loved ones, physical pain and financial hardships.

There is light through it all! 
Everyone has this light, its up to you to shine it .

Live deliberately
You just need a Desire for change
Make A decision to pursue it
Believe it will happen
Watch your supreme being manifest it


Are You Ready To Find Your Freedom?

Have you checked all the boxes of the “right” things to do, but still not feeling fulfilled, on purpose and perhaps, living in quiet desperation as I was?

Is your body speaking to you through pain, injuries and persistent or chronic illnesses and would love to discover how suffering can be optional rather than inevitable?

Are you in the midst of a wake-up call, which often comes in the form of a breakdown or major life transition and you’re looking for the answers to what’s next for you?

If so…let’s talk and explore how to bring U Factor Wellness into your life so that you can….